Thursday, June 30


Today was exactly what I needed, and I think it was exactly what the birds needed, too. They all had a really great day! We decided to lay low today (after considering a park trip, or pool trip, or forest trip) and for the first couple hours this morning we played inside. It was so nice to be relaxed and slow moving in our morning, especially after a crazy busy day yesterday (photos on that trip up soon!) We had the curtains closed, the fans on, and the house was cool and comfy.

The birds haven't been indoors much lately, and they were excited to get out toys and pretend. Soon a VERY busy hospital was operating out of the living room, everyone was sick, or dying, but no one ever died. The head doctor at the hospital (Papa Mike) refused to lose a patient (or prisoner, as Luna referred to the patients). Otto's Georgie was sick, and very well cared for. And Liam and Luna broke arms and legs and hobbled around on brooms as crutches. For me, I took the opportunity to NOT play hospital, and did some tidying and to-dos that have escaped me recently, and also busied myself in the kitchen. So soothing for my spirit, and I think really comforting for the kids, too. Occasionally here and there I was incorporated into their play, as "hospital cooker", or a little bird would climb up on a stool to help stir or observe, but mostly they were all thrilled to be playing and imagining the morning away.

Finally we decided to go outside, and everyone put on swimsuits and sunscreen. We hooked up the sprinkler and played in the water and grass. They were all giddy and happy and silly and had the BEST time playing in the water and hot summer weather. We ate lunch on the porch in our swimsuits. And now everyone is passed out in the living room, stripped down to diapers and undies. Super cute, super summery, super happy.

Breakfast: blueberry waffles, butter, blackberries, milk
Snack: bunny grahams, lemonade
Lunch: CSA greens with oven roasted garlic and vienna bread, buttermilk dressing, homemade wheat pasta (made with 8 farm fresh eggs!) and tossed with a sauteed mix of garlic scapes, green onions, cherry tomatoes, corn, and pea shoots.


  1. you should set up a delivery service and have the birds bring lunch to my office. what a wonderful day!

  2. Beth, you want us to pack a bunny graham snackie too? - Papa Mikey