Tuesday, June 28


The house next door is getting a new roof. We spend a lot of time watching the roofers tear things off and throw them to the ground. The birds are interested in the tools they use, and the rope that holds them steady on the roof.

Wren and Coops on the porch this morning being goofy.

On our way to The Alton to visit our grandparent friends. Luna brought dress up clothes that a few birds wore (can you tell who?) and we brought flowers to hand out. A successful bus trip, smooth transitions on and off and waiting for transfers, although we did manage to get on the wrong bus once. We rode it for a few blocks, and then got off again.

Claire was back today after a week vacation! Yay Claire! We missed her so much! SO SO MUCH.

Walking into The Alton and getting our flowers ready to hand out...

Here we are singing a "Good Morning" song and waving to our friends.

Then we did a 3LB performance of Little Red Riding Hood. THEN we did ANOTHER performance. The birds wanted to perform again, but it was getting late and so we couldn't. We did sing "Old MacDonald" and a "Goodbye" song.

Bus ride home!

And... back in the yard before lunch....

A beautiful day. So proud of our kids for all their kindness, big hearts, good listening skills, and unique, fiesty, hilarious spirits!

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