Thursday, July 7

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Mama Ara and Papa Mike

Thursday, June 30

hot summer day.

more pics coming soon....but apparently we have exceeded our photo limit on here? figuring it out and be back...

Taking Margot to the vet.

One of our bunnies was sick. We knew because she was cranky 2 days in a row, making little mad bunny faces at the birds and not eating her food. After she didn't eat for 24 hours (not even basil or dill-her favs!) I knew we needed to bring her to the vet. We wanted the kids to be able to come with us, because Margot is their bunny, and trips to the vet are an important part of caring for animals. So we mapped it out, and took a crazy bus trip with our babes and bunny in tow. I thought the birds would think it was funny we had Margot on the bus, but they were all very serious about it and would check in with her and comfort her. "It's OK Margot. Don't be scared. We've got you." We bussed down St Clair to Snelling, got off, and then on a new bus, bussed down Snelling to Como, got off and got a new bus, and bussed down Como to Dale. Then we got off and walked down Dale to Maryland. It was a long, hot walk, with tired little bird legs and a bunny thumping around in her box. But, on the corner of our bus stop stood Conny's Ice Cream, and we promised ice cream on the way back, they just had to hang in there a little longer. The thought perked everyone right up and we made it to the animal hospital safe and sound. There was lots to do and see and talk about, and everyone was interested and curious and also helpful. Once again, they all reassured Margot, and helped answered questions about her that the vet asked. Margot ended up staying the afternoon for observation, and we all walked back to Conny's for ice cream, french fries, and cheese curds. Some days we eat kale, and some days....

Margot taking a break at a bus stop.

looking at pet photos in the waiting room.

This sweet dog was found by a forester when he was just a puppy. His leg was caught in a trap, and so he only has 3 legs. We talked with his owner and listened to the dogs story. The birds were very intrigued, and kind!

A hug for Margot!

Talking about the various jars of supplies in the clinic. Also wishing we had a dog, not a bunny, so we could give him a treat. We all talked about the pets we have at home.

Do you know what your dog is feeling?
Urban garden article in the waiting room! We know that guy! That's Ella's dad!
At Conny's. The perfect spot to take a break. Conny was actually there, and thrilled to see the little birds.

And Margot is back at home now. She has to be force fed, which she doesn't really like. And she is taking a medication to keep her system going until she starts eating on her own and her system is running well again. This morning I had lots of helpers caring for Margot!


Today was exactly what I needed, and I think it was exactly what the birds needed, too. They all had a really great day! We decided to lay low today (after considering a park trip, or pool trip, or forest trip) and for the first couple hours this morning we played inside. It was so nice to be relaxed and slow moving in our morning, especially after a crazy busy day yesterday (photos on that trip up soon!) We had the curtains closed, the fans on, and the house was cool and comfy.

The birds haven't been indoors much lately, and they were excited to get out toys and pretend. Soon a VERY busy hospital was operating out of the living room, everyone was sick, or dying, but no one ever died. The head doctor at the hospital (Papa Mike) refused to lose a patient (or prisoner, as Luna referred to the patients). Otto's Georgie was sick, and very well cared for. And Liam and Luna broke arms and legs and hobbled around on brooms as crutches. For me, I took the opportunity to NOT play hospital, and did some tidying and to-dos that have escaped me recently, and also busied myself in the kitchen. So soothing for my spirit, and I think really comforting for the kids, too. Occasionally here and there I was incorporated into their play, as "hospital cooker", or a little bird would climb up on a stool to help stir or observe, but mostly they were all thrilled to be playing and imagining the morning away.

Finally we decided to go outside, and everyone put on swimsuits and sunscreen. We hooked up the sprinkler and played in the water and grass. They were all giddy and happy and silly and had the BEST time playing in the water and hot summer weather. We ate lunch on the porch in our swimsuits. And now everyone is passed out in the living room, stripped down to diapers and undies. Super cute, super summery, super happy.

Breakfast: blueberry waffles, butter, blackberries, milk
Snack: bunny grahams, lemonade
Lunch: CSA greens with oven roasted garlic and vienna bread, buttermilk dressing, homemade wheat pasta (made with 8 farm fresh eggs!) and tossed with a sauteed mix of garlic scapes, green onions, cherry tomatoes, corn, and pea shoots.

Tuesday, June 28


The house next door is getting a new roof. We spend a lot of time watching the roofers tear things off and throw them to the ground. The birds are interested in the tools they use, and the rope that holds them steady on the roof.

Wren and Coops on the porch this morning being goofy.

On our way to The Alton to visit our grandparent friends. Luna brought dress up clothes that a few birds wore (can you tell who?) and we brought flowers to hand out. A successful bus trip, smooth transitions on and off and waiting for transfers, although we did manage to get on the wrong bus once. We rode it for a few blocks, and then got off again.

Claire was back today after a week vacation! Yay Claire! We missed her so much! SO SO MUCH.

Walking into The Alton and getting our flowers ready to hand out...

Here we are singing a "Good Morning" song and waving to our friends.

Then we did a 3LB performance of Little Red Riding Hood. THEN we did ANOTHER performance. The birds wanted to perform again, but it was getting late and so we couldn't. We did sing "Old MacDonald" and a "Goodbye" song.

Bus ride home!

And... back in the yard before lunch....

A beautiful day. So proud of our kids for all their kindness, big hearts, good listening skills, and unique, fiesty, hilarious spirits!