Wednesday, June 15


Our plan today was to hit up Central Library downtown St Paul for their preschool storytime. This morning when Gretta was dropped off her mom informed us that libraries were closed today, and saved us a crazy trip and disappointment. Instead we stayed home, and that worked out perfectly. It was a peaceful, beautiful day and we were glad to be here. Everything was extra green and wet and bright and fresh, the air smelled so good and sweet. It was a bit chilly outside, which felt pretty good, too. We built a bonfire on our patio and sat around it. We listened to the birds singing, the fire crackling, smelled the woodsy and earthy smells, and were completely content. Then we got out paper, crayons, pencils, chalk and paint and did fire art. We talked about how still, dark, and solid the wood lay. We talked about how bright and busy the fire danced. We noticed the gray of the ashes, the red, red embers, and the soft, white smoke. The birds worked on their art with focus and calm, pausing to chat with each other or study the fire.

Then it started raining gently, so we gathered on the porch for a story. A fire man and his fox, "Flame" fought with, and then was friends with, a water woman and her pet alligator, "Bubbles". Then the birds went for a walk. We noticed again how bright and beautiful everything was after the rain. Fragrant flowers, vibrant with color. Tender, green grass and trees. Heavenly. We came home for lunch on the porch. Another immersion in our senses, as we washed our hands and face with lavender water and ate just picked, sweetly perfect, ripe, red, strawberries. A delightful day.

Breakfast: whole milk vanilla yogurt, bananas, cheerios
Snack: string cheese, apple cereal bars, water
Lunch: strawberries, artichokes with butter, pepper, and sea salt, goat cheese and sundried tomato ravioli with red sauce, cedar summit milk

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