Wednesday, December 15

Candle making.

Here is what we did....

1. In October we bought a huge brick of beeswax at the farmers market.
2. We used a hammer and knife to break the beeswax brick into chunks.
3. The kids used hammers, graters, and their hands to break and crumble the beeswax into little pieces.
4. Then they wrote their name on a label sticker, and stuck it on a glass jar.
5. They filled the jar with beeswax pieces (and some dumped it out, filled it again, dumped it out, filled it again...)
6. We put all the jars in a warm crock pot.
7. While the wax was melting in the pot, the birds made labels for their candles with colored pencils, and glitter and glue. They also used graters to grate wax colors.
8. When the beeswax became liquid we took the jars out. The birds were able to add peppermint essential oil if they wanted, and also the coloring.
9. Topped the jars off with more beeswax, and back into the crock pot.
10. Once it all melted for the second time we removed the jars and let them cool slightly. Then we put wicks into the melted wax.
11. The more patient kiddos watched as the wax turned from liquid to solid.
12. Jars cooled, we added the homemade labels, and ta-da! Candles!

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