Thursday, November 11

Kool-aid Man!

Does your preschool play kool-aid man? Probably not. And it's really fun. We invented this game this morning, for some high energy kiddos that needed to be allowed to get a little crazy. First, kool-aid man hides in the glitter cave. Then, we stack the bricks and block them in. On the count of three kool-aid man busts through the bricks yelling, "kool-aid man! oh, yeah!" Everyone else sits against the wall, safe from flying bricks, and cheers. It's a great game. I bet we will play it again this winter....

OK. And we don't even own a TV, so we never do screen time with the birds, but felt like we had to show them kool-aid man. So, at snack, we watched about 60 seconds of youtube. We watched this clip twice:

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