Wednesday, October 6

Day Three

We don't yet have the time or energy to write much, but hopefully our photos speak louder than words anyway. Want to keep sharing the beauty and joy of all our kids. This fall weather has been absolutely amazing, and such a blessing for opening week. We found a little forest in the city, and spend hours there everyday...exploring, climbing, looking for fairies and gnomes and witches, telling stories, singing songs, eating snacks, and most importantly- running running running! Today we also did a paper mache project, little pumpkins and apples, but we are waiting for them to dry so we can paint them. Was your little bird at school today? Ask them about Lily... She is a tiny bunny. She lives in a little white house, on a ledge above the window, in the living room. She told us all about apples and pumpkins at group time today.

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  1. I honestly don't know how you are even finding the time or the energy to put pictures on here every day---thank you so much for doing it. Isla is so very lucky that her mom and dad found you.