Tuesday, August 31

Making progress...

We have been busybusybusy. We are completely moved to our new home and have been unpacking and cleaning and painting and setting things up. We have been giving tours and enrolling and meeting new neighbors and playing with our kids. We have been working on policies and paperwork, and all the other good stuff that licensing requires....Not to mention the side projects of everyday life, like grocery shopping and laundry, that keep piling up.

We just completed one of our playrooms, meant mostly for dramatic play, and are very happy with the results. The walls are a sweet sky blue and the wood floors are now butter yellow. We also painted an old children's IKEA table that we had the same yellow. We scored a solid wood cabinet at a thrift store for twenty bucks. It was a dark charcoal gray (because kids love gray?) and we sanded it and painted it an antique-y milk-glass green. Went to IKEA (yay!) and found some perfect hooks, frames and magnet tins (I have this great idea to fill the tins with dried beans and lentils and bay leaves and hot glue them shut, little shakers for pretend play). Added some cute vintage prints to the walls that we already owned, and a few new ones my sister found for us at antique stores. We did a little shopping spree at Wonderment, which completed the room (for now) with dress-up silks, pots and pans, kitchen pretend play and a few soft waldorf dolls. Then we let Annabelle and Wren in to test out the space. Can't wait for more little birds to join us and play!

Here is the ugly gray cabinet (I always love before and afters on other blogs, but this is maybe my first time actually completing and documenting a project, so feeling kinda giddy about the whole thing)...and Wren helping me sand it...

And here are the girls playing in the new space. So picture perfect and cute! I am obsessed with kids environments and feel so happy about this room. And now we can move on to the next playroom, which will be awesome, too. ;)

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